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NEW GLT Trailers For Sale
Allison HD 4x4 Deck Widening BPW Rear Steer Low Loader
Technical Specs
Price:$252,500 plus GST
Axle / Suspension:BPW disc brake axles with double acting hydraulic suspension

What a beauty! This new Allison HD 4×4 deck widening low loader with BPW rear steer axles on double acting hydraulic suspension is an engineering master piece.

Check out these key features:

  • 50 tonne payload depending on truck and final trailer spec.
  • Pivoting load rated tie down points.
  • Double acting hydraulic suspension with lock out taps which allows you to raise and lower individual rows of axles.
  • BPW disc brake axles with 2 steer axles.
  • Decks widen out to 3.7 metres using hydraulic phasing cylinders.
  • 4 x aluminium tool boxes located under the decks which pivot forward on hydraulic cylinders for easy access.
  • Stainless steel hydraulic tanks and tool box lids on gooseneck.
  • Full remote control for hydraulic trailer functions.
  • Diesel power pack.
  • Tri fold ramps.
  • 990mm deck height.
  • 2 x under deck tyre carriers with ability to carry more tyres on the gooseneck.
  • 3 way container locks supplied.
  • Wabco ABS brakes.
  • Ringfeder bracket.

Units are now in stock. Contact the team at Trailers for more details.

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2019 Allison HD 2x4 Dolly
Technical Specs
Price:$51,500 plus GST
Axle / Suspension:K-Hitch spring suspension with K-Hitch drum brake axles

Here we have a new Allison HD low tare 2×4 dolly. This unit is fabricated from 700 grade steel and looks like a million bucks.

The gooseneck comes standard with a single oscillating skid plate and options for either a 50mm or 90mm drop in king pin. On top of the gooseneck you can see we have designed spare tyre wings which can handle up to 4 spares.

The dolly comes standard with a K-Hitch greaseable turntable. You can choose between either 50mm or 90mm jaws. Landing legs are a drop pin style and galvanised to handle the tuff working conditions.

Braking is handled by a WABCO EBS system making it compliant with new ADR laws.

This unit is available for sale today. Please contact the team for more details.

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GLT 45' Moving Floor
Technical Specs
Axle / Suspension:Hendrickson Intraax with HXL7 Drum Axles

Brand new light weight spec – aluminium beams, cross members and suspension hangers. This trailer will be available for pick up in Febuary 2020.

Key features:
– Hallco Industries liver floor with Standard Floor – 4.8mm aluminium floor planks.
– Rolled aluminium RHS tarp supports.
– Rollover tarp with pvc type pelmets.
– Select from either manual stainless steal handle or Razor electric rollover tarp. Price does not include tarp controls.
– Estimated tare weight of 8.5 tonnes.
– Estimated capacity of 97 cubic meters.
– Hendrickson Intraax air bag suspension with Hendrickson HXL7 drum brake axles.
– Stainless steel rear posts and nudge bar.
– Ringfeder coupling included in trailers.
– Plastic radius guards.
– Jost landing legs.
– Standard dual tyre carrier.
– Ladder on the front sheet.
– GLT 900 style stainless steel tool box.
– Polished aluminium water tank.
– Aluminium barn doors with container style locks.

We have a full list of options to customise your trailer.

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2019 Allison HD 3x4 Drop Deck Deck Widener
Technical Specs
Price:145,000 plus GST
Axle / Suspension:K-Hitch air bag suspension with K-Hitch drum brake axles

The trailer pictured above is a stock unit which was recently sold. Please call to discuss availability and other final fit out options.

Trailer specs:

  • Ramps – Tri-fold with standard tips.
  • Tare Weight – 10.5 tonnes.
  • Payload – 30 tonnes depending on truck weight.
  • Axle Spread – 1,230mm.
  • Deck Height – 1,000mm.
  • Deck Width – Decks widen out to 4 meters.
  • Skid Plate Height – 1,200mm.
  • Suspension/Axles – K-Hitch airbag suspension with K-Hitch drum brake axles.
  • Landing Legs – Hydraulic.
  • Decks – Fold down ramps from top deck to main deck. Container pin locations for single 40′ or 2 x 20′ or a single 20′ heavy.
  • Power Pack – Kohler petrol.
  • Ringfeder – Trailer fitted with Ringfeder bracket only with air, electrical and hydraulic lines. All lines blanked off.
  • Tie Down Points – Coaming equipped with 6 tonne load rated galvanised tie down points which pivot clear of the coaming.
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