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NEW GLT Trailers For Sale
GLT 27.5m Pocket Road Train
Technical Specs
Axle / Suspension:Hendrickson Intraax with Conmet Drum Axles

Attention Western Australian operators. Here you will find a good looking set of trailers for sale. Some nice options have been ticked, making these trailers packed with the latest innovations. Hand crafted by our talented team, you will be able to hook up and put them straight to work. Available for immediate pick up from Yangbup, Perth.

Lead: GLT Chassis Tipper.

  • Length = 9,900mm (32’6”).
  • Height = 1,980mm (6’6”).
  • Axle Spread = 3,100mm.
  • King Pin Spacing = 1,190mm.
  • Floor Thickness = 6mm marine grade aluminium.
  • Wall Thickness = 5mm marine grade aluminium.
  • Cubic Capacity = 48 cubic meters.
  • Overall Height = 3,514mm.
  • Coupling = Ringfeder.

Tag: GLT 6 Axle Dog Chassis Tipper.

  • Length = 9,900mm (32’6”).
  • Height = 1,980mm (6’6”).
  • Axle Spread = Dolly 2770mm | Rear group 2770mm.
  • Fixed dolly with a double row ball race.
  • Floor Thickness = 6mm Marine Grade Aluminium.
  • Wall Thickness = 5mm Marine Grade Aluminium.
  • Cubic Capacity = 48 cubic meters.
  • Overall Height = 3,514mm.

General Spec:

  • 700 grade CNC cut chassis.
  • Marine grade aluminium tubs.
  • Hendrickson Intraax air bag suspension.
  • Hendrickson 10 stud Conmet drum brake axles with manual slack adjusters.
  • Load proportional brake valves.
  • Alcoa Ultra One polished wheels with Kumho tyres.
  • Jost body locks.
  • Right Weigh digital scales with Blue Tooth.
  • Jost landing legs.
  • Razor electric rollover pvc tarps with pelmet ends.
  • Air flip over bar with controls located at the rear of the trailer.
  • Tool box and water tanks.
  • 1 way external hinge tailgates.
  • 4 finger locks air ram operated with switches at the rear of the trailer.
  • 1 set of manual grain locks.
  • Work lights, lights at top of tailgates and 1000mm side light spacing.
  • Air diverter switch on lead trailer.
  • Vinyl sides and painted tailgates.
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2019 Allison HD 3x4 Drop Deck Deck Widener
Technical Specs
Price:145,000 plus GST
Axle / Suspension:K-Hitch air bag suspension with K-Hitch drum brake axles

The trailer pictured above is a stock unit which was recently sold. Please call to discuss availability and other final fit out options.

Trailer specs:

  • Ramps – Tri-fold with standard tips.
  • Tare Weight – 10.5 tonnes.
  • Payload – 30 tonnes depending on truck weight.
  • Axle Spread – 1,230mm.
  • Deck Height – 1,000mm.
  • Deck Width – Decks widen out to 4 meters.
  • Skid Plate Height – 1,200mm.
  • Suspension/Axles – K-Hitch airbag suspension with K-Hitch drum brake axles.
  • Landing Legs – Hydraulic.
  • Decks – Fold down ramps from top deck to main deck. Container pin locations for single 40′ or 2 x 20′ or a single 20′ heavy.
  • Power Pack – Kohler petrol.
  • Ringfeder – Trailer fitted with Ringfeder bracket only with air, electrical and hydraulic lines. All lines blanked off.
  • Tie Down Points – Coaming equipped with 6 tonne load rated galvanised tie down points which pivot clear of the coaming.
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