3 additions to improve driver safety

Today, our drivers are facing increasing pressure with COVID-19 creating havoc with staff shortages and delays.

It’s important we do everything we can to keep our drivers happy and healthy while at work. At GLT we have a number of options available to help improve your workplace health and safety and look after our most important assets – our drivers.

  1. In-cabin controls.

For items such as air tailgates, air grain locks, hydraulic diverters and electric tarps. This gives the driver the option of remaining inside the cabin at high-risks sites and to assist with social distancing.

  1. Extra cameras.

Cameras can be mounted internally to the trailers, or externally to help increase visibility.

  1. External safety prop.

Now standard with all GLT tipper trailers. The external safety prop is fitted above the landing leg of the semi-trailer. Once fitted, it remains attached to the chassis of the trailer so it can be easily utilised when needed. Improving the personal safety of anyone who has to complete maintenance or servicing.

Talk to our team today (1300 731 442) about how what safety additions we can offer to your trailer.