A ‘salute’ to the armed forces

JR Stephens iconic ‘Salute’ Kenworth truck is making an even bigger impact on the Ipswich community with two new matching Graham Lusty Trailers and Tri Axle Dolly.

The ‘army’ green colouring has been replicated on two Graham Lusty wedge trailers and tri axle dolly to suit the Prime Mover, completing their tribute to the Australian military.

The trailers have been fully customised right down to the iconic Graham Lusty mudflaps.


The truck, a Kenworth T909, is a tribute to military past and present and all that it stands for – hard work, sacrifice, honour and loyalty.

Graham Lusty Trailers was excited to be able to help JR Stephen’s complete the look.

“Everything, right down to each individual bolt, have been custom painted to complete the look,” said Ben Keeley, Sales Manager.

“Not only do these trailers look impressive, but the PBS A double combination has been created to maximise their mass limits.”

The wedge tipper trailers have a tapered drop from the front sheet to the read door. This gives a similar capacity to a drop deck trailer but with the benefit of a flat floor.

The trailers are also liquid spec allowing JR Stephens to carry a range of products inside the trailers.

You can visit the JR Stephen’s Salute tribute on Little Stanley Street as part of the Brisbane Truck Show during 13 – 16 May. Make sure you also get along to the Graham Lusty Trailer display (stand 47) for a wider range of our trailers which will be on display.