GLT factory with branded sign at the front

Announcement: Efforts to reduce delays

Thanks to you, our valued customers, the demand for Graham Lusty Trailers has never been higher.

So far this year we have: increased our team to over 80, expanded into a second facility, and implemented new technologies to help us keep up with demand.

We always prioritise the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers to make sure we can customise your trailer to fit your unique needs and help you carry more product.

While we have grown our workforce by 15% this year, we still have more positions to fill. Skilled staff shortages in the QLD manufacturing market have been affecting our lead times. We are currently looking at new ways of attracting the right talent to GLT, and we ask for your patience as we fill our available roles. The extra demand is also affecting our sales and spare parts team in regards to quoting lead times.

Like many other businesses, our ability to get stock on time has been affected by COVID-19 restrictions. Pre-Covid it would take approximately two to four weeks for tipping hoists to arrive. These are now taking up to 16 weeks.

As mentioned, customisation and quality are our priority but we don’t want you to wait longer than necessary. Along with recruiting more staff, we will continue to improve our systems and technology.

We will keep you updated on the progress of your quote, and the production of your trailer, however, if you feel you are not being kept up to date adequately, please contact me directly at [email protected]


Graham Lusty

CEO, Graham Lusty Trailers