Road train configuration. Three drop deck chassis behind a Prime Mover

Are you checking your trailer daily?

At GLT we recommend checking your trailer daily or before each use. A quick visual inspection along with a few simple checks is all it takes to make sure you are getting the best performance from your GLT trailer.

  • Check all lights are functioning and reflectors are present
  • Check the door seal for damage
  • Are the turn table and ringfeder couplings secure
  • Have you done a tug test
  • Check the condition of tow eye
  • Are there any leaks in the hydraulic equipment
  • Any loose clamps on the hydraulic equipment
  • Check the hydraulic fluid levels on the truck
  • How’s the wheel nut tension
  • Check tyres for damage
  • Complete a break test before leaving

Any wear or damage should be followed up.

For the best performance from your trailer, it should also be serviced regularly. This will help reduce any excessive wear on your trailer and its parts.

Along with the daily check, we recommend additional checks a month after purchase and ongoing every six months.

A pdf version of the daily trailer checklist can be downloaded here.

For parts, repairs or advice on the performance of your trailer, please call the team on 1300 731 442.