Kenworth truck with two 34 foot wedge chassis tippers and tandem dolly

Custom Chassis Tippers for Riordan Grains

Graham Lusty Trailers is proud to work with Riordan Grains to deliver quality trailers to help them carry more product.

Recently the team at Riordan Grains celebrated the execution of a million tonnes of bulk export and 25 years in business. And they kindly allowed their latest grain trailers to be on display at the Graham Lusty Trailers stand at the Brisbane Truck Show.

On display were two 34-foot Wedge Chassis Tippers, and a tandem dolly, part of Riordan’s 30m A Double PBS/HPFV approved set up. At 85.5 tonne gross vehicle mass, the Riordan set can carry up to 112 cubic meters and up to 58 tonnes on approved routes.

Custom made at GLT using only the highest quality parts, the tippers have been customised to enable it to run on Level 2A PBS network and also feature a 45-degree angle cut into the rear light bar to support tight manoeuvring of the trailers.

Also on show was the Rotary Seal unit featuring a Customvac rotary seal kit, removable triangle shedder plates and 2” Ball valve tap under front drivers side of body for product sampling.

This unit also featured our new External Retro-Fit Body Prop. As part of our dedication to innovate solutions, this new feature increases safety. It allows the operator to safely undertake maintenance on the chassis or body of the trailer without the need to reach inside the chassis.

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