Custom built side tippers

You can’t miss the distinct yellow and orange colours of these Kalari trailers in the Graham Lusty Trailers yard.

Kalari is Australia’s market leader in specialised bulk logistics in the mining and resources sector. They provide innovative solutions and often used for high-volume operations.

At Graham Lusty Trailers we support Kalari in their innovative, specialised approach by custom building their trailers to meet their needs.

Not only can we customise the colours to match your brand but our side tippers can be built to handle products ranging from sand to iron ore. A standard coal spec 26m B-Double side tipper with 10mm aluminium floors will tare in at around 14 tonnes.

Floor, wall and door sheet thickness can be customised to suit the application with either tandem, tri or quad axle configurations, along with customised lights and tarp supports.

Then, once your customised trailer is complete, the team at GLT make sure it’s all working the way it is designed to.

Below CEO Graham Lusty, Operations Manager Murray Rose and Ben Cox, team leader in fitout, check over the Kalari trailers before delivery.