Customised trailers on display at the Brisbane Truck Show

Graham Lusty Trailers bring you the most innovative and beautifully crafted Australian made trailers. The Lusty team has over 100 years’ combined experience in the aluminium trailer industry, and with this experience comes the know-how and knowledge that all customers have different needs.

“We know our customers and listen to what they require,’ said CEO, Graham Lusty.

“Everyone needs something a little different. Whether it’s a little bit of extra volume, extra safety features or just something aesthetic to suit their style. We customise our trailers based on the needs of the customer.”

This year at the truck show, GLT will have a number of chassis tippers on display. They come in a range of sizes and styles. With a range of tarping systems including manual, electric or hydraulic roll over, electric retractable and hydraulic one-piece lids. Known for being some of the lightest combinations on the Australian market, the chassis tippers low tare weights help customers achieve greater profits.

“Our selection of materials, designs and methods of fabrication give our customers an industry leading low tare trailer with exceptional strength. All designed to help our customers transport more product,” said Graham.

Not only are Graham Lusty Trailers some of the lightest trailers on the road, they are also some of the safest. With the best quality suspension, axles and hoists available combined with Electronic Breaking systems and roll stability. In-Cabin controls, air grain locks, hydraulic diverters and electric tarps also help improve the safety conditions for drivers on site as well as on the road.

Every trailer is built in Brisbane, and to Australian Design Rules, to handle the harsh Australian conditions. The GLT performance based (PBS) experts will find the best solution for you, to help you transport more product.

Make sure you head along to the Truck Show May 13 to 16 at the Brisbane Convention Centre and speak to Ben, Tyrone or Graham about your needs. Stand #047