Friday feature (Kalari)

When a set of Kalari trailers come through the GLT factory, it really brightens things up – the distinctive orange and yellow colours.

Graham Lusty has been working with Kalari for 40 years, 10 of those at GLT, and we know that when we build something for Australia’s market leader in specialised bulk logistics, that they are looking for a high-quality product. And it needs to be, with the loads they carry and the kilometres they travel.

We use the highest quality parts to manufacture each GLT unit. All nuts, bolts and washers are stainless steel and the hydraulic, electrical and air lines are well protected within the chassis.

GLT side tippers use a high-quality phasing cylinder, and spherical bearing which also incorporates attachment points giving the trailer the ability to haul many products for longer with minimum maintenance.

Over the years, we have built a range of trailers for Kalari but our favourites are the A-Triple side tipper road trains.

The size and scale of these road trains are nothing our CEO could have imagined when he started building trailers 50 years ago. An impressive, striking presence on the roads.

A standard coal spec 26m B-Double side tipper with 10mm aluminium floors will tare in at around 14 tonnes. The hydraulic phasing cylinders are used on both the tub and doors with tipping cycle times around 30 seconds per trailer depending on the hydraulic volume.


Kalari side tipper and tri axle dolly leaving the glt driveway View from above of tri axle dolly and orange Kalari chassis