Friday feature (Magill Transport)

Graham Lusty Trailers has been working with Magill Transport for 10 years now. Nothing brings us more joy than partnering a couple of new GLT trailers with their Kenworth trucks.

We were lucky enough to have Magill pick up their most recent set last week, a GLT slider, drop deck chassis tipper and tri-axle dolly.

This is a popular combination choice for Magill’s. The slider has a 7.4t tare weight with the capacity of 46 cubic meters while the drop deck chassis tipper has a 6.5t tare weight and 57 cubic meter capacity. With the tri-axle dolly, Magill’s can run their combinations as both B-Doubles and PBS A-Doubles.

Based in Parkes NSW, Magill Transport can be seen all over the eastern third of Australia. Because of this they need versatile gear with the strength to handle all Australian conditions. Jump onto Magill’s Instagram and see just how much these trailers are put through their paces.

Often running at all hours of the day, Magill’s needed enough lights to ensure the team can work safely. Their trailers have additional marker lights around the Ringfeder for easy night-time hook up and an extra 10 lights at the top of the tailgate, in addition to the standard set up.

The team also needs to navigate the unpredictable Australian roads. Our trailers are fitted with Hendrickson Intraax airbag suspension, to make the ride as smooth as possible for their drivers.

Take a look at Magill’s latest set below.