Friday Feature (Scholz B-Double / 30m PBS A-Double)

Our most versatile set of semi-trailers

Scholz Bulk Haulage make use of GLT’s most versatile set of semi-trailers in a 30m Victorian spec, PBS A-Double set.

The slider and drop deck chassis tipper, can be used in multiple combinations such as a single trailer, B-Double, A-Double/Road Train, with the drop deck style chassis tipper giving Scholz maximum volume.

PBS gives customers the potential to achieve higher productivity and safety through innovative and optimised design. Our team work with accredited PBS assessors and certifiers to design and construct the ideal combination to carry maximum product via the most direct routes.

Our PBS expertise with this combination of trailers allows Scholz to carry more load on specific routes.

Scholz Bulk Haulage have been operating more than 20 years and transport items such as grain, fertilisers, hay and much more. The team make use of GLT’s customisable approach by selecting larger than ‘normal’ grain doors which can assist in the flow of grain when tipping.

Another unique feature of the Scholz trailers is the air cylinder automatic drop in king pin and the built in toolbox on the draw bar of the dolly.

From side marker light spacing, to chassis colours and grain door sizes, GLT is able to customise elements of our trailers to suit the application and individual business needs.

If you are looking for a PBS option, or a customised solution contact our team today.