Friday feature (V Moss Transport)

V Moss transport is a long-term customer and friend of Graham Lusty Trailers. Located in Parkes, NSW, they are 100% customer service focused – a value shared by GLT.

As part of their customer service, V Moss Transport invest in modern, driver friendly equipment to exceed the safe work practices expected by their customers. Their GLT trailers are no exception.

Engineered with safety in mind, each GLT trailer uses only the best materials with our skilled team making sure every weld and seam is of top quality.

Our constant innovation allows us to improve tare weight to strength ratios ensuring the safest work environments along with optional extras such as in-cabin controls, hydraulic diverters, extra work lights and cameras.

V Moss transport needs a versatile trailer ready to carry all kinds of materials like fertilisers, grains, gravel and industrial by-products.

Because of this, the grain trailers are equipped with a liquid spec option. The tubs are made to handle the stress of fluid-based goods. Front sheets and side walls are joined to take the pressure of liquids. Rear doors are equipped with finger locks running of two air rams with manual juice locks available.

We also supply a quality plug for the grain door.

Another key stand-out feature of a Moss trailer is the circular tail lights. A striking feature paired with the black painted sides and black GLT mudguards – you surely won’t miss a V Moss Transport set out on the roads.

We look forward to building the next set for Gordon and the V Moss team.