Tri-axel with GLT mudflaps

Good things come in three

Three wishes, a trio of dips, long weekends and tri-axels, good things are known to come in three.

The small town of Parkes, in central New South Wales, is also famous for three things; the dish, the annual Elvis festival and Magill’s Transport.

This week, Magill’s, a long-term customer of ours, picked up three sets of B-Double slider trailers paired with a GLT drop deck chassis tipper.

Our B-Doubles can be configured to a range of specifications, all designed to maximise payload potential.

The versatile slider is created using a modular design. It is almost entirely fabricated from 700-grade mechanical steel with all skid plates made from quenched and tempered steel. And, as all good things do, it comes in three sizes to suit a 28’, 30’ and 31’.

The drop deck is also a popular tag option for those looking for high volume and low centre of gravity.

Finished with retractable red tarps, LED lights and GLT mud flaps with those three magic letters.