Some of the team celebrating with Graham

Graham celebrates 50 years in the industry

Fifty years ago, back when Graham Lusty started building trailers, he could have never imagined the size and scope of trailer building today.

“When I first started out, we would only ever get asked for small single axle trailers. If you would have told me back then, I wouldn’t believe they would get to the size and length they are today. Something like a Quad Axle Side Tipper road train was unimaginable.”

Graham was drawn to trailer building at an early age, in his home town of Nyah West, close to the Murray River. And since then, he has gone on to become one of the most well-known names in trailer building with his earlier companies including G&J Lusty, Lusty Allison, Lusty EMS and now Graham Lusty Trailers.

Early on in his career Graham would fly his own aircraft to the fields of nearby farmers to complete sales or servicing, now with a team of over 80 staff his days are spent teaching others and monitoring the quality of his trailers. To this day Graham still puts all the final stickers onto every Graham Lusty Trailer.

Graham places GLT sticker onto the back of a trailer

Over his 50 years, one of Graham’s biggest pleasures has been his relationship with his customers and seeing how much they have grown over the years.

“One of my greatest pleasures is building enduring relationships with my customers. I am now seeing sons and daughters of our early customers staying with the GLT brand.”

Another of his greatest moments is seeing the skill and passion of trailer building being passed on through the generations.

Roger Hill who currently heads up the Research and Development arm of GLT, started with Graham as just a 15-year-old body – he worked under Graham as an apprentice. Roger has since gone on to host his own apprentices at GLT such as Grant Platts (now in purchasing).

Graham Lusty Trailers will be his legacy with a team full of skilled workers who have learned from the man himself, along with Graham’s family including Chief Business Offer and Graham’s Daughter, Fiona Lusty and Automation Technician and Graham’s Grandson, Hugo Godson.

Graham reads paperwork with team leaders Phil, Ben and Billy

Over his many years, Graham has seen a lot change within the industry.

“One change is the use of aluminium for light weight trailers. I didn’t build my first aluminium trailer until 1981.”

“Also, the technology used in manufacturing. From stick welding, to MIG welding and now robotics and automation.”

“But all of these changes are helping us to be able to build more customised and unique trailers to meet the needs of the industry,” said Graham.

Congratulations to Graham on his 50 years in the industry and from everyone at Graham Lusty Trailers, we hope to do you proud by continuing your commitment to great customer service, quality and customisation.