GLT employees hold their certificates and prizes

Initiative and Ownership recognised at GLT

Members of our team were recognised for their Initiative and Ownership. This showcases the value of each individual at GLT and taking responsibility for our own actions and work spaces. Being able to improve our workplace without waiting for instructions and contributing individually to the success of Graham Lusty Trailers.

Congratulations to Brad, Dave, Wade and Jacob.

Attitude is everything at work, and Brad is a great example of this. The pride he has in his role shines through. He is always on time, enthusiastic and eager to show other people the ropes. He takes ownership to learn new things and speaks up if something doesn’t appear to be correct.

Dave is the man with all the ideas. The first to come forward with ideas to improve or streamline his role. You may catch him making a jig or piece of equipment to make repeat jobs easier and he is always on top of reporting hazards.

Over the past year GLT has experienced some growth, and with that comes new employees. Wade has taken them under his wing with his years of experience and takes the initiative to train newcomers above and beyond their expectations. His influence extends beyond the role as he also shows how to clean as you go, right from the very beginning.

Jacob has a personality trait his team admire, and that is the ability to think ahead. It comes naturally to him, and he uses that ability to help the entire team.

We thank all of our nominees in the Initiative and Ownership category as their experience and commitment is a great example and influence on the entire team.