PBS A-double grain trailers for Narrain Grains. In front of grain silo and shed.

PBS vehicles contribute to safer roads

Graham Lusty Trailers has been producing PBS semi-trailers since the introduction of the scheme in 2013, so it was good news when the National Heavy Vehicle Regulators (NHVR) recent report showed PBS vehicles are involved in 60 per cent fewer major crashes than conventional models.

The report from the NHVR in partnership with Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia and the National Truck Accident research Centre shows an improvement since 2018, up from 46 per cent fewer major crashes.

PBS vehicles have travelled 1.6 billion fewer kilometres on Australian roads over the last five years than conventional vehicles to transport the same freight task, and it is forecast that PBS vehicles will save 143 lives over 20 year, according to NHVR.

As a specialist manufacturer of PBS trailers, GLT is well experienced in the process, producing many quality PBS combinations for grain trailers.

“Our team specialise in PBS combinations on the road, especially PBS 30 metre A-Doubles. We help guide our customers through the process to meet the strict criteria set out by the NHVR,” said Graham Lusty, CEO of Graham Lusty Trailers.

“We work with our customers and the NHVR to bring their PBS dreams into fruition.”

GLT has a number of PBS pre-approved designs ready to go including truck body, 4/5 or 6 axle dog, double tandem and tri axle units, ab triple and quad units.

Read the full report here.