Our innovative products

Research and development have long been a core part of the Graham Lusty Trailers business. We are always looking for new ways to improve tare weight or help our customers to deliver more products.

For two years running, our products have been nominated in the Heavy Vehicle Industry, Innovation award category.

This year our GLT 64-foot Easysteer was nominated in the Heavy Vehicle Industry, Innovation award category. The “GLT 64” self-steering axle set up at the rear is the only one of its kind in Australia with its unique tri-axle self-steering combination.

In 2019, the GLT high volume side tipper took home the Innovation award. Aimed specifically at the waste transfer and high-volume markets, the trailer’s centre of mass stays within the footprint of the wheel base throughout the tipping cycle.

A module design, each unit can be easily customised to suit the application, from wood-chip through to high impact builders waste.

“We are always trying to think outside the square to deliver more for our customers,” said Graham Lusty, CEO.

“We are thankful to be recognised for our innovation efforts and look forward to continuing with our focus on research and development and looking for new ways to create value for our customers.”

If you would like more information on the Easysteer or High volume tipper, give our sales team a call on 1300 731 442

View from the back of a high volume tipper mid lift