Skills for the future

The Graham Lusty team are some of the most passionate and skilled workers in the trailer manufacturing industry. Our quality-built products rely on having the best team. That’s why it’s important to us to pass knowledge onto the next generation of up-and-coming boilermakers and fitters and turners.

Currently, Graham Lusty trailers (GLT) is supporting 12 apprentices gain their qualifications. And with production levels at maximum capacity, having apprentices on hand has given the team the extra support they need.

“Our apprentices are extremely valuable, working hard alongside their qualified team members whilst learning and gaining trade experience,” said Jessica Chandler, HR & WHS Manager.

“Working together and supporting each other is really important, we are always proud of our apprentices when they complete their qualifications and become ongoing members of our team.”

The apprenticeship program has always been a success at Graham Lusty Trailers with a number of the full-time qualified team having previously completed their qualifications here. Ahmed Saloojee, General Manager at OSMAC, said our success was based on our willingness to support anyone who is eager to learn and grow.

“GLT have been a valued client for more than a decade. They have progressed a significant number of apprentices in the engineering trades ranging from school based through to mature age. With a focus on providing opportunities regardless of experience, age or gender, their success is reflected in the number of apprentices who have continued their employment within GLT,” said Ahmed.

“It gives me great satisfaction to see what our young people can achieve if given an opportunity with a company that truly understands the ‘grow your own’ model and recognises the achievements of their staff. If more companies adopted this approach it would assist us in overcoming the shortage of skilled trades people in our industry.”


Graham Lusty Trailers partners with OSMAC Apprenticeships for placement of all apprentices. More information can be found at