Asphalt Spec Truck Body
Technical Specs
Truck Body
Length:21'4" to 29'
Height:3'9 to 6'
Capacity:17 to 40 cubic metres
Tare Weight:2.8 to 4.5 tonnes

Low maintenance, low tare weight, and fast discharging. The new GLT Asphalt spec moving floor made its first appearance at the 2019 Brisbane Truck show. This unit has been developed as an alternative to the higher maintenance belt drive trailers.

graham lusty trailers moving floor overview

Each body is designed to suit your particular model of truck. Length, height, and width are all customised to achieve your payload goals. Side walls are fabricated from insulated aluminium planks with 5mm aluminium wear plate.

graham lusty trailers moving floor

A Keith V-Floor system with hardox high impact floor planks is spec'd as standard. This floor system can handle the heat and the abrasive nature of hot asphalt. The floor system also allows you to backload high impact products, giving you increased versatility.

graham lusty trailers WA spec trailer
graham lusty trailers walking floor axle options

Each truck body comes equipped with a hydraulic Keith V-Sweep head board which practically eliminates contamination within the body.

Asphalt spec bodies are fabricated from an exclusive GLT aluminium plank, which are injected with heat insulated foam. The inside of the bodies are further lined with 5mm marine grade aluminium. Body widths are customised to suit your needs

graham lusty trailers Chassis Tipper uses custom extruded aluminium floor beams

Top coamings are also an exclusive aluminium extrusion. These specialised extrusions increase the tub body strength while maintaining exceptional tare weight. All top coamings are either huck riveted or bolted with stainless steel bolts. This method of construction allows the coaming to flex and reduces the risk of cracking.

graham lusty trailers Chassis Tipper uses custom extruded aluminium floor beams

Bodies are fitted with flip up mud flaps which are synchronised to the tailgate opening.

graham lusty trailers Chassis Tipper uses custom extruded aluminium floor beams
Graham Lusty Trailers rounded front sheet

The rear of the body is equipped with a hydraulic tailgate. The tailgate has a special pivoting design to allow maximum clearance behind as it opens.

Customised to suit any application
Trailer Options

Cargo Floor

Cargo Floor offers a large range of floor plank options from low tare through to heavy duty. Cargo is distributed by Transpec which has a national network of workshops.

Keith Walking Floor

Keith offers an extensive range of floor plank options. Keith is base in the USA and has local distribution through Keith Walking Floor Australia Pty Ltd.

Matilda Walking Floor

Matilda is an Australia designed and made system. One floor plank profile is available which is designed for light weight materials.

Rollover with Pelmets

By far our most popular option. The tarp rolls up neat and tidy out of the way when loading. When unrolled, the tarp offers a high level of cover to protect your load.  Compared to the QLD style tarp, the roll over is easier for the operator to use, reducing OH&S risks. Side drop is 300mm standard and can be increased to 600mm. A full range of colours available. Razor electronic tarp upgrade available on this tarp.

QLD Style

If you want the most water proof tarp option, tick this option. Tarps come standard with 300mm long flaps front and rear which are pull down tight to seal the front and rear of the tub. The side drop is standard at 600mm. This gives you a bit of extra room to roll over the heaped loads while still getting a tight seal along the side of the tub. A full range of colours are available.

Retractable with flap ends

These tarps retract forward to allow loading. The rear part of the tarp has a flap end which is pulled down tight to seal the rear of the trailer once loaded. The tarp supports can range from 200mm to 350mm high.  Retractable tarps are not waterproof and leaking can occur.  A full range of colours are available. 

Retractable with plate ends

These tarps retract forward to allow loading. The rear part of the tarp has a sliding aluminium pelmet.  The tarp supports can range from 200mm to 350mm high.  Retractable tarps are not waterproof and leaking can occur.  A full range of colours are available.  


Custom designed in-house by our boffins, this system uses hydraulic cylinders to open and close the hoods. The structure is made from aluminium to reduce tare weight. This system has a fast opening time at 10 seconds flat. A full range of colours are available.

Tarp Controls - Manual

Manual tarps come with stainless steel handles.  Sliders and rollbacks come equipped standard with telescopic handles. All other trailers are equipped with fixed length handles as standard with telescopic as an option. 

Tarp Controls - Razor Electrical

Let technology do the hard work for you. Razor is available on the retractable and roll over tarps with pelmets. This system is supplied with a Razor remote control. 

Tarp Material - PVC

This material is water-tight and comes in a range of colours. Ideal choice for operators wanting maximum protection from the elements.

Tarp Material - Mesh

Lightweight and permeable, this material comes in a range of colours.

Tarp Support - Flexbow

Strong and flexible.  These supports are made from composite material which bend and flex back into place.  We bolt the bows into place so they always flex back at the correct angle. 

Tarp Support - Rolled Aluminium RHS

This is a popular option for operators wanting a tough alternative to Flexbows. These supports can be spaced at custom intervals. 

Tarp Support - Air Flip Over Bar

This air-operated tarp support can be operated from either the trailer via a push/pull switch or truck cabin controlled switches. The bar and centre pelmet is designed to be contamination free.

Tarp Support - Steel Bows

These bows are mounted into our standard flex bow pockets and bolted. These supports can be spaced at custom intervals.

Graham Lusty Trailers Chassis Tipper uses Hendrickson suspension
Custom Spacing

Our standard light spacing interval is 1300-1500mm. If you want more light bling then we can go as close as 300mm between lights. We also offer lights at the top of the side sheets at matching intervals.

Work Lights

Work lights can be fitted to the tailgates, wings on RediTips and within the tubs either up the front near the hoist well or near the rear door.

Top of Tailgate Lights

Choose from either 9, 10, 12 or 14 lights at the top of the tailgate.

Graham Lusty Trailers Chassis Tipper uses Hendrickson suspension
Mill Finish

This is our base level finish.  It's a natural granular finish and holds up pretty well to staining.

Mill Bright Polished Finish

Want to maintain a high level of upper body fitness?  This super shiny sheet will require lots of polishing to maintain the mirror finish.  Is it worth it? Yes, these sheets look amazing!


Choose from a large range of colours to personalise your trailers. We use only premium quality paints.

Plank Side Powder Coated

Our planks come standard with white powder coating. If you require different colouring, please allow a 6 week turnaround.


A popular option. The vinyl is applied in 1400mm wide drops with a slight overlap. Each drop can be replaced if they get damaged, making it less expensive to maintain compared to paint.


Give your company an advertising boost. We have contractors who specialise in truck and trailer signwriting. They will work closely with you to custom design your signage layout.


Are you needing to protect your side sheets from abrasive loads? Rock sheeting will extend the life of your trailer. We use 4mm pressed plate and can be added to the sides, front sheet and door.


This special lining will give the floor sheet extra protection as well as provide a slick surface to reduce friction.  This style of lining will increase the chances of contamination if you are hauling different loads. 

Wear Plate

Choose from either aluminium or steel.  We have a range of thicknesses to suit your needs. Wear plate can be added to the floor or walls.

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